Pro Qualifier

Getting among professionals is easier today thanks to the Czech Virus OPEN CUP and autumn EVLS PRO QUALIFIER.

For the best of you, there will be PRO CARDS available in each competing category of the contests we organize.
Register now and get your Pro card.


There are no upcoming cups yet.

Frequently asked questions

You can register via the online registration form. Send your registration and wait for the email with further instructions.

Every person from any federation or without membership in any federation is welcome to come and compete in the Pro Qualifier series contest.
You can send your registration via the online entrance form published at these websites.
Send your registration and wait for the email with further instructions.
The qualification in the Pro Qualifier contest is open to all competitors in the world, no matter to which federation they belong. No registration fees for membership will be charged!!!
The online registration will be closed on MONDAY, 17th JUNE, 2019, and will be open again during the on-site registration/weighing. Please bear in mind that when you register on-site (by weighing), you will be charged an extra fee of 50 EUR.
The fee can be paid only via wire transfer (you can choose your preferred account):
Bank account Nr. (CZK): 251468572/0300
Bank account Nr. (EUR):
IBAN: CZ51 0300 0000 0002 5194 2799
Name of the accounts: EVLS Fitness, s.r.o.
Variable symbol: competitor’s birth date
Note: competitor’s full name

Important notice!!!:

When making the online payment write your name and surname into the NOTE FIELD, and your birth date into the VARIABLE SYMBOL FIELD (so that your payment can be identified). Please bring a copy of your payment confirmation to the on-site registration.

Please, be patient and bear in mind that we receive hundreds of emails every day, and we want to make time to respond to each of them individually. Before we respond to you, we sometimes have to wait for the information from the contest venue, from a sponsor, judge or clerk. Also, if you do not add a subject to your email, it can be classified as spam and not delivered at all.

No qualifications are needed! You do not have to qualify in any way to be able to enter the qualifications of the Pro Qualifier contest – any competitor can enter the contest.
Each competitor is responsible for following the rules and regulations of the IFBB PRO qualification!!!
For more information, please visit IFBB PRO
This document should answer most of your questions. If not, please contact us at
For rules and criteria, please visit IFBB PRO
You will see that there are different criteria for different sections.
CZECH VIRUS OPEN CUP and EVLS – PRO QUALIFIER will serve as the official professional qualification for the IFBB PRO LEAGUE, which means that you will be able to compete in any IFBB PRO LEAGUE competition in the world and you will have the opportunity to qualify for MR. OLYMPIA.
Absolute winners in each class will get a pro card of the IFBB PRO LEAGUE and will compete together with professionals at EVLS PRAGUE SHOWDOWN!
Yes, even if you are naturally tanned or have darker skin. The bronze will help your muscles to “stand out” on the stage, and if it is applied properly, it will give you a healthy, sort of a sun-kissed, gloss. Without the tan, the competitors will disappear under the lights! The tan is provided and maintained exclusively by the company ProTan USA. The ProTan team will be available for all competitors.
Rezervace a zamluvení bude dostupné při příjezdu u registrace nebo nás kontaktujte skrze: Starost o make-up a úpravu vlasů je v péči každého ze soutěžících!
Do you have any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us at